Nursing Home Checklist

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You can use this checklist to mark off the important items when reviewing a nursing home.


  • Is the home in the location you want?
  • Is it convenient for friends and relatives to visit?
  • Is it easy to access using public transport?


  • Does the home offer the type of accomodation you want and need?
  • Is the home well decorated and maintained?
  • Does the home smell fresh and airy?
  • Is the home cleaned to a high standard?
  • Can you bring in your own possessions?
  • Does the room have an en suite bathroom?
  • Are there a number of bathrooms with specialist showers and baths?
  • Is there a telephone or the possibility of having a telephone installed?
  • Is there a television or the possibility of having one installed?
  • Are there a variety of communal areas and quiet lounges?
  • Is there a separate dining room?
  • Is there easy access for people in wheelchairs?


  • Is the home welcoming when you enter?
  • Do the staff acknowledge you?
  • Can the staff be seen?
  • Are the staff with residents in the lounge area?
  • Does the manager give you confidence?
  • Do the staff interact well with residents?
  • Do residents seem happy, interested and occupied?
  • Are you encouraged to talk with residents/visiting relatives/staff?
  • Are visitors welcome at all times?


  • Are a variety of activities and outings available?
  • Are the arrangements for laundry satisfactory?
  • Does a chiropodist/physiotherapist/hairdresser visit regularly?
  • Does the home provide transport?
  • Does the home have suitable equipment for older people, for example, hoists, walking aids, special mattresses, pressure cushions, beds?


  • Is there a choice of menu?
  • Are special diets catered for?
  • Can your visitors join you for refreshments or meals?
  • Can you choose where you have your meals?
  • Is room service available?
  • Can you have access to refreshments outside of official mealtimes?


  • Does the home have a clear statement as to what's included in the weekly fees and what items are extra?

Evidence of care standards

  • Does the Home have their latest inspection report from the Health Information & Quality Authority (HIQA) readily available?