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Complaint Procedures and the Ombudsman

If you have complained to us and you’re not satisfied with our decision on your complaint it is open to you to contact the Office of the Ombudsman.  The Ombudsman provides an impartial, independent and free service.  By law the Ombudsman can examine complaints about any of our administrative actions or procedures as well as delays or inaction in our dealings with you.  The Ombudsman’s remit relates to complaints about actions which occur on or after 24 August 2015.  The Ombudsman cannot examine complaints about actions which occurred before that date with the exception of complaints from residents eligible to complain under “Your Service Your Say”  (Residents whose place is provided under a contract with the HSE).

Contact details are as follows:

18 Lower Leeson Street

Dublin 2  

Phone:  LoCall 1890 22 30 30 or (01) 6395600


You can also make a complaint online using the online complaint form 


Nursing Home Subvention is a payment made by the HSE to help eligible people to pay for residential care in a registered nursing home. The subvention scheme is based on an assessment of the applicant's means or income, and an assessment of their dependency or illness.

Anyone who is in need of nursing home care can apply for subvention to help towards the cost of that care. Your dependency and means will be assessed to determine if you qualify for a subvention payment.

The maximum rate of basic subvention is €300.00 per week which came into effect from 1st January 2007.

The maximum amount of basic subvention will be paid if your assessed means (income and imputed income) is the Non-Contributory Old Age Pension or an equivalent (or a lower weekly amount) plus a sum equivalent to 20% of the pension rate. Any other income in addition to the Non-Contributory Old Age Pension rate and/or assets (such as property) may result in the amount of weekly basic subvention being reduced or no basic subvention payment being approved.

More information is available on: the HSE website